Sometimes You’re The Problem

No one likes to admit when they’re at fault. It’s like we couldn’t possibly be wrong, couldn’t possibly apologize for anything we’ve done wrong. We live in a world of Perfect Patty’s and Perfect Peter’s…except we don’t. You’re wrong sometimes. You need to learn how to say sorry. And you need to stop blaming others for the crap you’ve caused yourself. Well since that escalated quickly, let’s continue on with the subject of you being the problem at times. I know you hate to hear this, but own up to your mess so we can go to paragraph two. Get it? Got it? Good! May not be too sweet, but it’s very necessary if we intend to grow.

This may be heartbreaking news, but you can’t be right all the time. Before you let your heart crumble to pieces from that last sentence, stay with me. If you can’t get along with anyone, maybe it’s you. You may think people are hating on you all the time and no one likes you because you’re such a wonderful person. But what if you’re not so wonderful? What if you have problems with your attitude or you start mess and have yet to acknowledge it? If there is an issue EVERYWHERE you go, sooner or later you have to re-evaluate if you are in fact the issue. Again, this may be hard to relate to if you aren’t in the position of wanting to grow.

Sometimes a message has to be a little stern for you to grasp it. All that dancing around the subject won’t get anything resolved. I say all of this with love, but I do want us to change our habits for better living. Acknowledging there is a problem is always the first step in resolving it. Do you think you have plethora of haters, are you always getting into altercations with people, in your mind have you been wronged many times? If the answer is yes, try to take a look a how you played a part in the situations. Maybe you’re a mess starter, maybe you gossip too much, maybe your attitude stinks. If you have heard these things before, maybe you should consider a change. You owe it to yourself to be a better person than you were the day before. Be Sweet.

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