I Am Not Living My Best Life

Every time the song comes on, I sing louder than Lil’ Duval and Snoop. “I’m living my best life…” But am I? NO! The song is catchy and comical, but for my life, it’s simply not all the way true. I’m not saying my life is miserable, but I can surely use a huge change. I have areas in my life that are great, but I have far too many that are not. With that being said, I don’t try to put on. I don’t do it for the “gram.” I work hard daily, I work towards things that are important to me, and I won’t stop until I get them. I say this because we look at too many people online and think they have it all together. People need to know that others are pressing their way through hard times. Someone needs encouragement right now and this is the blog for just that.

Have you ever looked down your timeline and thought, what am I doing with my life? I surely do! I know comparison is the thief of joy, but we just can’t help it sometimes. Now some people we know are living a social media lie, but others are really doing big things. Instead of being jealous and upset, I have channeled that energy into pushing me to work harder. Some people aren’t trying to fool you with their fake posts, some people are really enjoying their lives. I want to be that person. I said the other week that posting about what God has done for you isn’t bragging. Sometimes others need to see that they can be blessed with great things as well if they work hard too. The question is, will you sit back and be jealous or get up and get on your job?

Because I am pursuing my dreams, I know that I will be living my best life soon. I’m not waiting for it to come to me, I’m going to it. Not everyone can be lucky enough to have their goals and dreams drop in their laps without work. Your effort will determine how bad you want it. Are you being consistent or are you being too lazy to see good results? My favorite quote is “if nothing changes, nothing changes.” You have to break habits that rob you of your best life and replace them with new ones. You can’t lie to yourself and say that you’re okay with the little that you have when you know there’s more out there. Complacency will have you living a boring life with many regrets. I just can’t do that to myself. I’m ready for my best life outside of the box!

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