You’re Out of Order Judge Joe Brown

Up until a few days ago, I really thought that Judge Joe Brown was a stand-up guy. I won’t take the fact that he has done much for many people lightly, but he has definitely stuck his foot in his mouth. I understand that when you are in a high position, you tend to think that your word is what’s right. It’s easy to think you’re the judge and the jury when your profession calls for you to be. But Brown has taken it a little too far. Brown has come to the conclusion that putting Harriet Tubman’s face on the $20 bill is a slap in the face to masculinity. He further goes on to state, “The status of an ethnic group is determined by its men, not its women…” In other words, women have not aided in the assistance of any ethnic group’s come up, only the men have done the hard work. Well Judge Joe Brown, as you would say in your court, you’re a crackhead!

I’m sure most people are expecting blogs that discuss this matter to give a long list of women who have played a big role in helping its ethnic group. Not this blog! There is no need to go back and forth with the names of women or men who have contributed to the black race and its triumphant moments. That list could go on forever. I do, however, know that we all can agree that Harriet Tubman is a top candidate for the bill. I’m not really sure who he would like to see on the face of the bill, but it was a stretch to further add that not using a black man’s face is an indication that black men aren’t worth anything. I wonder what kind of ego trip a person would have to be on to come to that conclusion from this decision. Whatever the trip, he needs to come back from that vacation.

The matter that we need to be concerned with is that the decision has to be postponed until Trump is out of office. Who cares what black face they decide! The thing that Judge Joe Brown has not accepted is that a win is a win. My basketball coach used to say he doesn’t care how you get the ball in the goal, just get it in. He understood that it was winning no matter the method/form for the whole team. Brown is so stuck on his masculinity that the win for the race has not even entered his mind. The fact that a woman of her stature is being considered to be the face of the bill is a huge success! Maybe after Brown stops smoking that whack crack, he will see that even law is a lady. Either that or he will hang himself with his words from the balance strings that she carries and ruin his name.

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