Heiress To The Throne

Make it, yes I’m going to do just that.

How, you ask?

I haven’t a clue, but I just know.

I’m just going to start climbing.

The foothills of this mountain seem like a good place to start.

The mountain is steep, but what mountain isn’t?

The terrain is rocky, but it won’t deter me.

I have a harness, and I’m anchored.

Keep going upwards, it’s a lot of ground to cover.

The cotton candy skies are my guide.

The sun thinks it’s scorching me.

It’s really illuminating the way to the top.

Blood, sweat, and tears have become cooling systems.

I rest, but I don’t quit.

I tread lightly around each bend, but never stop going.

The crown on my head is tilting.

I must reach the top to straighten it.

But one thing is for sure, it won’t fall.

An heiress protects her crown at all times.

She has to work towards the mountain top just like you.

Uphill is the journey laid before her.

Can’t turn around now.

Not with the peak in sight.

4 thoughts on “Heiress To The Throne

  1. Very well written. Poetic respectfully! Being a poet myself
    I enjoy very good poetic flows!
    Has publishable quality
    ( self publishing format)
    Beautifully written. 💐 Family

    Liked by 1 person

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