I grew up in an old school Missionary Baptist church. I can literally hear every scripture and preach a sermon about faith and how important it was for Christians. The first that comes to mind is that without faith it’s impossible to please the Lord. So what happens when you move past reading scripture to putting it into action? What happens when you purposely try to please God instead of being all talk? I’ll tell you what happens. You’ll be put in a box of just how much of that faith you should exhibit. How dare you show more faith than that of a mustard seed after you’ve spent years in church.

Faith is cool and all, but obviously there are limits to it that I never knew about. I guess I recently found out about these limits when I pushed past the mustard seed level. I suppose that terrified others and their fears made them relay that message to me in various ways. I guess people hear so much about mustard seed faith that all other faith is unheard of. And to think I leveled up! To think I wanted to see what was past this entry level and thrive in my pleasing of the Lord. Again, how dare you Monica? How dare you actually grow and try to get out of the box?

You see, my sarcasm level is on 1000 in this blog. I’m actually the queen of sarcasm, which I suppose is better than being the queen of faith. People are okay if you have faith to move to Atlanta from Memphis, but definitely not Los Angeles. They’re quite alright with you having faith to get your Bachelor’s degree, but not a Doctorate. To be frank, it SUCKS to have to continually go down this path of others downgrading my journey of faith. And the main ones are those closest to me! Look y’all (yeah, I’m getting country in this blog too), how about you get on MY level instead of me stopping to yours. I will not give up and my faith will continue to grow with or without the support of anyone. In the words of the not so gospel artists Lil Jon and Trillville…GET ON MY LEVEL!!!

I’m moving to Los Angeles and whether I thrive or fail, I can say like Peter…I got out of the boat and walked on water. Will you get out of the boat? If you’d like to be a BLESSING in my faith walk, my CashApp is $BlackBentley. Thanks!

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