Letter of Resignation

Today I turned in my letter of resignation. Not only did I quit my job, I decided to quit a slew of others things. I quit being afraid. I quit living beneath my potential. I quit putting my needs to the side. I quit waiting for something to happen. I quit being passive in my life decisions. I quit forgetting to love myself. I quit talking myself out of greatness. I quit lowering my expectations. I ended my contract with my job, but began one with my new life!

Sincerely, a young black magical woman on a faith walk

3 thoughts on “Letter of Resignation

  1. To God be the Glory🙏🏽 Your Faith and Trust in God have brought you this far and according to His Holy Word, He will never leave you. I’m wishing you great success in all of your goals. Just remember that you’re still Becoming, and I’m waiting on your book 📖My prayer is to be there to get a signed copy. I’m closing now cuz too many tears 😭 Be Sweet ❤️ Love you 😍

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  2. Hey, Monica!

    I’m so happy for u and proud ! It takes a lot of courage to follow the unique path God has for your life. Continue to be lead and inspired by the Holy Spirit and leave all consequences to Him.

    Years back I had a mental breakdown ! Remember when u had that dream about me and asked how I was doing? Well, i was starting my breakdown right then. I wanted to tell you but needed privacy. I kept denying my feelings about a lot of things. Finally, it caught up to me. Long story short, the holy spirit taught me how to have the courage to follow His voice and have a voice of my own 🙂 He taught me you can still have faith and optimism without denying the truth and acknowledging your feelings and desires.

    Thank u so much for writing me back then. It meant a lot. I can tell you have a special connection to God. Never lose that ! I’m so proud of you for starting your own blog! Sorry it took me so long to read it, but when u have a breakdown you become extremely tired. I pray that God blesses u with your heart’s desires. You are going to have a great future I know it !

    I’m doing much better now. When I truly started following God’s voice, He gave me the courage to follow the unique path He created for me. That’s when the windows of Heaven began to open and I started seeing miracles literally everyday 🙂

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    1. I’m so glad you’re doing better friend. You’ve always had a kind spirit and I appreciate you being my friend. You deserve nothing but blessings for being obedient to God’s voice. Thanks for your inspirational words!


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