Tell The Truth & Shame The Devil

I grew up in a family where we were really close. I was at my grandparents’ house almost daily because they lived around the corner. My Grandma was a very strong willed Christian lady who did her best to instill good values to all of us. She’d wake us up when we spent the night, saying rise, shine, and give God the glory. Then she’d go on with songs with lyrics such as “oh Satan the blood of Jesus is against you.” When she’d catch us in a lie, she would say, “tell the truth and shame the devil.” That was a funny saying to me, but it stuck with me all of these years. I heard someone say it on the radio recently and it sparked my idea for this blog.

You may not have heard my Grandma’s saying, but you have heard that the truth will set you free. Last year, I lied to myself on many things. I lied and said I was in love when really I was lonely. That kept me in a dead end relationship. I lied and said I couldn’t possibly write multiple blogs in a week and was almost writing one daily. I lied to myself and said it was darn near impossible for me to move half way across the country and here I am living my dream. I wonder how many lies you have told yourself and forfeited your happiness by doing so? Well, this year we must make a change.

Here’s another saying for you: If nothing changes, nothing changes. I like it because it’s simple and to the point. If you stop lying to yourself and give yourself some credit, maybe you can accomplish more than you did last year. Stop selling yourself short first and foremost because you’re never going to move forward without the truth. What crazy nonsense have you forced yourself to believe because you weren’t willing to just try harder? What half truth have you convinced yourself to believe mainly because you’re afraid of the potential you hold? Give yourself a break and be honest so you can not only have a better year, but so you can live a better life!

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