Are You Willing To Leave The Castle?

All of us have dreamed of making it big. We start off as young children watching fairytales about castles, royalty, and happily ever after. But what happens when the crown you’ve acquired doesn’t quite fit? What happens when you actually make it in the royal family and realize that it’s not for you? Most would try to fake the funk because the fame and fortune are what would suffice for them. A lot of people would enjoy the glitz and glam because anything is better than a 9 to 5. But what happens when you don’t have it in you to fake happiness, to fake peace?

Rocking the boat on centuries of tradition takes guts and that’s exactly what Harry and Meghan have done. I admire their tenacity and boldness to step outside of the boundaries to live a little! I mean, you only have one life, so why live it under such strict rules when you can be and do whatever you choose simply because you’re an adult. Most of us look at the Royal family as prim and proper people who have set guidelines on how to live. Doesn’t that in itself sound boring and blah to already have your life planned out for you? I’m starting to see why they’d choose an alternative.

Living with your family members isn’t easy when you’re an adult and you have your own choices to make. Trust me, I know! That’s when your family begins to put their input on your life and even through their best intent, sometimes you have to learn on your own. I believe Harry was at that point and has a lot of his mother in him. To top it off, he has a wife that wants to color outside the lines and get her hands a little dirty. It’s called philanthropy, or work for the rest of us. She didn’t need a crown to do what she was already doing before she met Harry. Her marriage into royalty wasn’t an upgrade to a higher society from her point of view, it was for love.

I read one article that stated most fairytales teach us that the women have to give up something in order to wear a crown. Meghan simply wasn’t willing to do that. The castle represented a place where she had to shut her mouth on subjects that she had passion for. No wonder she wanted out. Many people are willing to drop passions for titles that make them quiet down on things they care about. Others are willing to push past what’s expected for peace and sanity, not caring about a title. Meghan has taught us a valuable lesson. Titles mean nothing if you can’t do what your heart desires. No crown on earth can bring you peace when you forfeit your freedom.

One thought on “Are You Willing To Leave The Castle?

  1. Life Application for Matthew 19:16. Pastor’s Sermon yesterday “What You Gonna Do”
    What is it all worth to you? Is the wealth and worldly things worth your life (eternal life💜)

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