Dear Gayle

We’re going to jump into this fast! It’s Black History Month, so you know all black people have to show out. One sign said we’re black any other day, but we’re “blackity black black” this month. With that being said, we have to jump on Gayle King’s head for being a poor representation of us in the journalism business. I’m trying to figure out if she knows that she’s a black woman. Does she understand that you can’t clown a black man who JUST died and was not only an icon in the black community, but of the world Craig?! The freakin’ world! Gayle, you couldn’t possibly be doing well after your huge screw up.

Just in case you’re wondering, Gayle King was doing an interview with WNBA legend Lisa Leslie in regards to Kobe Bryant. While she focused on some good highlights of Bryant’s life, she not only veered off the road, she drove herself off a mountain cliff and into the ocean’s bottom. Yep, that’s what happens when you bring up an old rape case of a legend who just died. Not to mention, this was back in 2003 and it was thrown out of court. Now I’m not here to be judge or juror, but whether he was guilty or not, why was this brought up now? Something that happened 17 years ago that many of us had forgotten. Why Gayle?

I often wonder if becoming a journalist causes some people to either lose their souls or reveal to the masses they never had one. Guess that’s a debate for another blog, but either verdict is bad. Then comes Oprah saying “she feels very much attacked.” But isn’t that what she was doing in her interview, attacking the legacy of Kobe? I don’t condone threats and I hope she’s safe, but she had to see this coming. It’s as if she’s clueless to the fact that she did anything wrong, which is very scary for someone with an audience that big. It’s careless and reckless to be a journalist with no sense of when to leave well enough alone.

Black folks can tell when other black folks only want to side with the black community when it benefits them. Then they want to forget they’re black when it’s convenient for them as well. We don’t play that. Yes, we get code switching and things like that, but totally abandoning your people for fame and money will get you checked real quick. And that’s what happened to Gayle. Lisa Leslie was too emotional to get her right there, but then stepped in the rest of the black people. Don’t play that in Black History Month or any other month for that matter. That’s why you’re not doing well Gayle, you have the weight of an entire race on you.

When you start in professions where the world can critique your comments and actions, you have to watch what you say. You have to have people on your side who hold you accountable when you’re on the edge. It’s surprising that of all the rich people associated with her and the show, no one saw anything wrong with what she said. She may need to re-evaluate her “people.” I put that in quotes because her supposed to be people are the ones she turned her back on, and that’s why she’s in hot water now. You have to watch who you surround yourself with no matter what your status is nowadays. Your circle can make or break you, and Gayle is BROKE!

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