Applied Knowledge Is Power

I recently saw a funny meme that said remember before the internet when we used to think the problem was that people didn’t have access to information. If that went over your head, skip this blog. No, I’m kind of kidding! Basically, we have all this information and we still have people who are totally clueless to the world around them. Yes, we get that you can’t believe everything you see on the internet, but there are so many verified websites that allow us to get real information nowadays. There are even these ancient things called BOOKS! It’s not enough to say that knowledge is power. We have to add that APPLIED knowledge is power. The information is useless unless we use it.

What’s the use of having a bank full of millions if you never access it? What’s time studying if you don’t take the test to get the certifications? These are examples of having the knowledge or access to the goods, but letting it lie dormant. It does no good! A lot of times that what we as a society does. We have all of this FREE information that we take for granted. It’s crazy that anyone can change their situation if they access the right information and simply apply it. To top it off, there’s this wonderful creation called Google that can help you find pretty much anything. Wild how technology works!

I used to say when you know better, you do better. That’s just not true. I should start saying when you know better, you SHOULD do better. I always try to think positively about the direction mankind is going in, but sometimes I worry. Things are becoming so readily accessible that it’s almost a slap in the face of progression to not be on the right path. What’s something that you want or need and what’s stopping you from getting it? We live in this huge world where someone has been through what you’ve gone through and got hooked up to the right thing. I just hope that we can continue to apply all of this information to our lives and use it to live better. Be sweet to yourself and apply knowledge. Thanks cousin Lisa!

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