Valentine’s Day For Singles

When I was younger, I used to think that Valentine’s Day was a total drag for singles. I would dwell on the fact that my mother was the only person who would give me a gift, even though white chocolate covered strawberries are my favorite. It was a total disaster and I would just want to watch scary movies and eat dinner in bed. Man, that sounded depressing even as I typed it. But looking back over my actual Valentine’s Days spent with boyfriends and those spent with friends, I have to say my friends have outdone the guys. I’ve been on a few epic all girl Vday dinners where we killed some wine and food and had an amazing time just being around people we knew truly loved us. And to shamelessly go back to the strawberries from my mom, at least I knew I would get a gift I actually loved. I guess these things are all about perspective.

The last 2 years, I’ve had a boyfriend and pretty decent Valentine’s Days. This year, I’ll be reflecting on life and moving forward. I had a realization last year that I needed to forget about men and focus more on my relationship with God. Boy has that gotten me on the right path! I’m not saying I’ve given up men completely and I’m joining a convent that serves actual wine for communion. I am, however, saying I’ve learned how to embrace being single and in a brand new city. I’m going to spend the day enjoying ME. That means I’m going to dinner and a movie with someone I like and who will pay for dinner. I think all single people should stop dragging in sorrow and realize that self love is still something to celebrate on the national day of love. No one can (or should) love you more than you love yourself after all.

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