Are You Willing To Serve?

I’m new to Los Angeles and I’m looking for a church home that fits where I am spiritually in my faith walk. I’ve grown past mustard seed level and I’m in need of spiritual food that can fill me to my soul’s core. In my search for a new church, I’ve been online looking at sermons of local preachers and pastors to see if what they’re talking about is what I need to hear. Recently, I came across Sarah Jakes Roberts preaching a powerful message at One LA. The topic asked if we were willing to serve our way up. It got me asking myself the very same question.

Roberts made such a profound statement, implying that we weren’t desperate enough to go higher anymore due to our unwillingness to serve. She further explained that we only wanted to be the star from the start. But what happens when you can’t shine right off? Would we be satisfied with being a team player or being behind the scenes? A lot of times we think we should be upfront and the number one player, but there are times when you have to wait for your due season. Many times when we don’t wait for the season, we force things and it pushes you back further than when you began. That’s why patience is a virtue we should possess.

One speaker suggested that we must carry the crown before we get to wear one. I get that some don’t want such a lowly position, but a lot of times building up to your true potential is best. Prematurely gaining access to the top can ruin you. Serving is not the same as being a servant. Serving is a choice to do what’s necessary for the team or greater good. It’s a smart decision at best to remind yourself there are levels to success. Most people don’t just graduate from college and become the CEO of a company. They have to work for it which builds perseverance. Are you willing to serve until you can be on top?

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