Make A U-Turn

When you go somewhere new, you try to catch the vibes and ways of others. Not that you try to be exactly like those around you, but you see if what they’re doing fits your likes and dislikes. That one thing was hiking for me. I want to be healthy and in shape, so this was something I wanted to do that’s a normal L.A. thing. I put on my cute tight pants and set off to the most popular hiking trail in the city, Runyon Canyon. One website said that you could possibly meet your husband on this trail. I was all excited, following the crowd upwards until I saw a very steep incline of rock stairs with no rails. It was at that moment that I knew I had to turn around because luckily I know my limits.

When you’re new to something, you don’t push it to the limit. For goodness sake, I was almost dead walking from my car to the trail entrance. Yes, I’m THAT out of shape, but you have to start somewhere! I’m not a follow the crowd kind of gal, so the extremely steep staircase to the high heavens was my cue to go ahead a make a U-turn. As I was making my turn around, I asked someone where the less strenuous trail was located. I happily took my cute little self to that trail and went as far up as I could. During that hike, I had an epiphany about my new life. When life isn’t going quite the way you planned, it’s okay to turn around and look for another path that suits you better.

When I got to to L.A., I was so hyped up about the many possibilities. I had housing and employment set and the rest was going to be one big adventure. Little did I know that it was going to be a bigger adventure than I had planned. I immediately didn’t like my new job and went on several interviews for weeks. I was offered a few jobs, but they didn’t seem to fit. Once you’ve seen what you don’t want, you refuse to keep living beneath your privilege. I had to work a job I totally disliked for over a month until I just couldn’t do it anymore. Then I got a better offer, but something was still off. Then I got an offer to a job that seemed to fit my liking and personality a lot. I told myself I was going to take one more interview and that ended up being the job I’m liking now.

Funny how I’ve been here for less than three months, and I’ve already started three new jobs. I was scared I was reverting back to my twenties, but I had my mind set to be happy. Who would have guessed that this was how I’d start my new life? Certainly not me! But it all went back to not following the routine of most adults in staying on a job that I don’t like and always complaining about it. This is where the U-turn had to come into play. This was the moment to realize something wasn’t working for me, so changing my path was much needed. Why stay on path that’s not meant for you? I’m over settling, so it wasn’t all that hard to follow a new trail. I’m encouraging you to do the same. If you don’t like where you’re headed, safely turn around and find which direction works best for you. Your happiness and sanity depend on it.

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