Women: Don’t Just Be Alive, Thrive

Women prepare yourselves because I’m coming at y’all hard and I know y’all can handle it. Our time to shine isn’t just a one month thing, it’s all the time. It’s time to stop putting our lives, goals, hopes, and dreams to the side for the sake of others. Our purpose is not to just be someone’s woman, it’s to go beyond what the old folks used to think of us. It’s time to stop thinking you need to work and come home and work again with the kids and husband and that’s all life can be. You’re tough as nails (manicured nails at that) and you can be and do anything you want in life. You just have to have the willpower.

We’ve gone past just being a pretty face. It’s time to be educated, well informed, and taking action. Women are the true backbone of this world. Men claim this is their world, but that’s a laugh. They may “run” things in their heads, but women are the glue that holds things together. We are CEO’s, Presidents, Founders, and all around leaders. If you want to be a leader, now is the best time. Bring something new to the table, flourish in corporate America, or be a thriving entrepreneur. No more whining like they expect us to do. Time to woman up and fight like a girl. Celebrate Women’s History Month by being the best you!

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