Messing With Honey Pot Will Get You In A Sticky Situation

Black history month was just the other day, so black folks are still amped up. It’s so amazing to learn about all of the history and wonderful things African Americans have contributed to this country. One source stated that even with all the things that were meant to keep our people down, we STILL rose above adversities. That phrase in itself brought me to tears. Black Excellence, Black Lives Matter, Black Girls Rock, and Black Boy Joy are all phrases and causes that acknowledge our greatness. As the young folks would say, being black is LIT! But what happens when some people don’t understand our pride? What happens when they mistake it for racism? The Honey Pot misunderstanding is what happens.

Recently, Beatrice Dixon’s line Honey Pot, a feminine care product, was under fire for its Black History Month Target commercial. Anyone who knows black people and they’re on social media can tell you that we go hard for our month and throughout the year when something specific happens. With that said, white females were all “in their feelings” because Dixon stated that she wanted to encourage other young black entrepreneurs through her company. Some took this as being racist and many said they would not support her product. Okay, who gives a flying flip. If you are that clueless, don’t support it. Black pride is not racism. We have to believe in ourselves because for so long, no one else did.

I kid you not, I wanted to start this blog off with a “what you not gon’ do is” opening, but I kept it calm. But now that I think about it, what you not gon’ do is get upset with us for encouraging our own. White folks surely aren’t out here trying to prompt black entrepreneurs and that’s cool. But don’t stop us when we want to pull potential from a young black child who may be doubting herself in a mostly white business world. I went from this is a good blog topic to being upset over straight up foolery. Fortunately, black people were just as riled up as I am by the negativity received. This caused them to bring her sales up by nearly 30%. All I can say is, when it counts, we stand up for our own. To me, that’s a slap in the face of racism and the ignorance of every negative commenter.

One thought on “Messing With Honey Pot Will Get You In A Sticky Situation

  1. Yes ma’am! I am here for this. I am glad you kept it cool, calm, and collected but if you did it for the culture, we would have truly understood

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