A Hard Head…

My Grandma was not one to censor herself, which made her words heavier. If she said something, people listened. One of her sayings was that “a hard head makes a soft ass.” It’s a well known saying and it basically meant that if you didn’t listen and did what you wanted, you were in for a hard lesson. I feel as if this pandemic is about to show folks better than we can tell them. When people refuse to listen, they have to learn the hard way. It sucks that people are so reckless about their lives. Yes, none of us signed up for this, but we’re here now and we must follow the directives of the professionals.

It’s almost as if people are doing the exact opposite of what’s right. It’s like someone telling you to not touch the fire because it’s hot, but you have to see for yourself. Now you’re burned and looking stupid! Well, that’s the consequence of not listening. I really wish that wasn’t the deal now, but by the number of infected people, we can see that folks are just not listening. I’d rather quarantine for a month or two than be laying in the hospital fighting for my life. The fact that people don’t think “fat meat is greasy” is beyond me. Some lessons shouldn’t have to learned the hard way.

The fact that someone has to tell anyone to stay at home or you could die is beyond me. The ignorance of the ones partying and being uncooperative is uncanny. Have we become such free people that we can’t follow simple rules in place to save lives? It’s scary to think the answer has been no for the last two weeks! When Martial Law goes into effect, I don’t want to hear one word. It’s always the few that mess it up for the rest. I’m already working with homeless people who struggle with cleanliness, so I’m not trying to get sick. Just do us all a favor and act like you got the good sense God gave you. It’s annoying at this point. Sit down somewhere!

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