Are We Getting Wiser Or Just Older?

During this time of the coronavirus, I’ve had the blessing of turning another year older. Although I fib about my age sometimes (and people believe me), I’m glad to see age 34. I’ve even made a theme out of it, more for 34. As I look around at all the things happening in the world, it’s just astonishing how things have changed due to this pandemic. People are having funerals online, folks won’t stay inside after it being made a public law, and there are still people hoarding tissue and disinfectants. It has opened my eyes to see that some people are still not mature after all these years.

It brings me to the main question. Are we getting wiser or just older? Lately, it seems like the latter is true. I’ve never seen grown people act as crazy as they have these last few weeks. I get that it’s a scary situation and very serious, but the true colors of some people has had me in disbelief. This thought has come from the actions of doctors, people with degrees, teachers, and people who you think would have more sense. It makes me realize why I always say that common sense isn’t so common. I’m almost embarrassed that our so called president is behaving like he has no sympathy or understanding of a deadly virus. I’m sure the rest of the world is laughing at us.

I feel like fear is taking over and stupidity is becoming the result. Fear can cause people to lose their minds and that’s what’s happening all over the world. Fear is supposed to also cause people to take more precautions. I’ve never seen so many throw precautions to the wind and just do whatever. Yes, I’m worried about the ones not listening, but some people are having to learn the hard way. Unfortunately the hard way in this instance is either extreme pain or death. That alone made me sit myself down somewhere. I’m praying for y’all and I’m staying positive, but I need y’all to join me. Please stay safe and prayerfully this will be over in a little while. Be sweet.

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