Living On Purpose

I’m not sure why, but ever since I’ve moved, I have not been one for taking any nonsense. I’ve attributed it to finally seeing what I want out of life and not settling for anything less. I’m sure that’s why I had already been at job number three in a two month span of living in Los Angeles. Back home, I felt like I was limited on my options in moving upward. I was stagnant and I felt the only way to remedy that was to venture outside of the zone of comfort to explore other places in this big world. I made the decision to follow a dream and God’s voice to live life on purpose. In doing that, I started living a life of purpose.

I saw a meme that said that we wanted the weekend to last forever, and now we got our wish. The coronavirus has allowed us to have more free time than ever before. For most of us, we relax on the weekend and try to get some stuff done to prepare us for the work week. Many of us have so much downtime throughout the week that we feel bored with nothing to do. No more party plans, all day church events, girl’s night out, or shopping sprees. With all of this free time, maybe we should consider taking a look at our lives. Evaluate yourself and see if you truly like where you are or do you want more out of life.

I’m proposing that we dig deep and look at our true selves to see if we like what we see. I journal, and lately I’ve looked back on some entries and thought, wow you’ve really come a long way. Some entries have made me question some of my actions, promising to do better going forward. In your spare time, ask yourself if you’re living on purpose or just in survival mode. What are some goals you gave up on because they seemed overwhelming? Have you discovered your true purpose? What are some things you can do to know what your purpose is? Reflect and see what you come up with this week.

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