Trying Times

Lord keep us safe in these trying times

When people have hatred in their hearts and are committing crimes

Taking lives of the minorities and not feeling bad

Ripping men and women from homes making families sad

Beating the men of color til they’re black and blue

And the ones who stand up for us are only a few

When we peacefully protest that black lives matter

The elite just have to butt in with their unwanted chatter

When we stand up for ourselves and try not to riot

They still think we’re good for nothing so we have to sigh at it

Then we loot, scream, yell, and holler

At the ones who don’t seem to care because they make the dollars

We tried to do Martin but it seems like it’s time for Malcolm X

If that doesn’t work I’m scared for what happens next

I pray and stand for my people who are down right tired

Because this new generation ain’t going and are truly wired

To stand up for what is right and be treated with respect

Lord I pray that their hope won’t be one you neglect

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