Hey Black People!

With all that’s been going on in the world, we as black people STILL have to worry about being killed on our daily routine of life. I mean, you could be jogging and get shot for looking too hard. You could be shopping and write a good check, but because you’re black, get a knee to the neck and die. You could be reading this right now, minding your business and your life be taken away in a swift second. It sounds dramatic, but it’s not! It’s the real life truth. Isn’t it crazy that the color of your skin can cause you to be a threat to someone that you don’t even know or care about? I’m trying not to curse in this blog, so pray my strength in the Lord going forward.

I know some are you may be thinking isn’t she a Christian or what would Jesus do. Well first off, Jesus was a G knocking tables over, so read your Bible. And don’t get me started on my man Peter who was cutting folks. Secondly, some battles require a Martin Luther King approach and others require a Malcolm X approach. Yes, it’s sad when a whole race has to get violent because we’re getting picked off one by one by the very people who claim to protect and serve. At this point, I don’t know who’s the deadliest against blacks, the Klan or the police! I mean it’s heart wrenching to watch videos of people getting killed on social media. You’re supposed to find some comic relief in memes and laugh at high school friends who gained 50 pounds. It’s sad when you log on and the first reaction is to cry or log right back off.

Through all of this, I really want my beautiful black people to remember we’re Kings and Queens. It sucks that our counterparts don’t feel the same way, but sometimes we have to be our own fan club. Who cares if your skin is as black as night, it shouldn’t be a death sentence. If anything, it’s a sign that black radiance is a masterpiece. In the midst of this devastation, love on each other and uplift one another. Stop the looting and get to the polls. Stop reposting the videos of us dying and start posting about the peace makers who are trying to make our lives better. If there’s no one who you think is doing so, you be the light your community needs. Stay safe and always be sweet.

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