Can I Get An Amen Sisters?

Claim. It. Today.

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today because these heathens don’t love the Lord! I’m joking, but I’m serious at the same dang time. What in the holy heck is going on in the so called dating pool that should really be called a puddle because it’s as shallow as the people in it? My God today! This blog is for the sisters who are saved and wanting a man that’s equally yoked. It’s for the sisters who will not budge on her beliefs for a piece of eye candy. A woman of God who understands her ties to a good and godly man will be what can lead her to the blessings she deserves. Can I get an amen sisters, because I’m about to preach this sermon on this day?

It’s crazy that when you mention the name of Jesus or church, some men run so fast away from you that you’d think they were track stars. So, I can’t have a strong belief system AND have a man? Wow! Ladies, have you ever thought you’d find a good man at church? Well, I’m here to tell you that that is a once in a lifetime event. Once the ladies get a glimpse of a fine man, they stop shouting and run to him like he’s the Messiah. Snatched up in a millisecond. And the ones you just do happen to meet in church are the worst ones, preying on single women. All the while being the devil reincarnated. Lord, can we catch a break? I only speak on these things because I literally have friends who share the same sentiments.

Now here’s one that always stumps me. What the heck is spiritual? You say you’re spiritual, but that can mean too many things. For goodness sake, the devil is a spirit! I guess claiming to be a Christian just isn’t a common thing nowadays. I was on a dating site and one guy said that I was trying to force my religion on men because my bio stated that I’d rather date another Christian. Huh?! Noooo, I’d like to start off with someone who could possibly share the same values with me off top, as opposed to linking up with an atheist who I know I wouldn’t work out with. The joys of dating AND having standards. Whew child!

Dating is so frustrating that it makes me wonder if the rapture is coming soon. Or could I possibly join a convent where they serve real wine for communion so I could make it. I know God wants us to be patient in our wait for a spouse, but are we on the time where one second is a year to God? I just want to get a time frame of what’s going on. After this blog, you can tell that I’m not going to just marry anybody. I’ve waited 34 years, so being with just anyone isn’t the name of the game at this point. I do, however, trust that God will send me my husband. But I need to keep working on myself to ensure I’m wife material. I pray that I’m open to the man God sends me. And that he turns on his GPS so he can find me soon.

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