Dear Black Women, It’s Okay To Be Angry


Question of the week: Why does everyone have a problem when a black woman gets angry? This week I had to catch myself from saying that I was acting like a black woman. I thought to myself, what the hell does that mean. I am a black woman! Someone made me mad and did me wrong, so I was voicing my opinion. Even more so, I was standing up for myself and letting the person see that they weren’t going to just treat me any kind of way. So why was I told to simmer down? Why was I in the wrong for wanting someone to treat me fairly? I didn’t curse or get loud. I often wonder why people get so intrigued when a strong black woman gets angry and voices so.

A strong black woman can bless you and curse you all in one breath and not break a sweat. I guess that scares most people and that’s why when we show anger, it’s frowned upon in society. I feel as if black women are the most intriguing specimens to other people. Black men either marvel at our strength or are frightened by it. Our white counterparts are often overlooking us, when we have the know how to succeed and it kills them. Generations of holding it down on the home front has instilled in us leadership skills that literally seep from our pores. We can’t help that we’re a staple in most of our communities and we embrace it.

I bet they told Harriet Tubman and Rosa Parks to calm down and fall in line too, but they didn’t. Sounds dramatic, but who’s to say me being a voice and person to be reckoned with won’t start a movement or help others. I’ve lived most of my life being relatively quiet, but no more. The purpose of moving to Los Angeles was so that my voice could be heard and utilize the Hollywood platform for good. Now how can I do that when I shy away from standing up for myself? I’ll answer that…I can’t! So beautiful black queens, don’t silence the tool God have you. Say what you mean and mean what you say. You owe it to yourself and possibly a person who is scared to use their voice.

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