Independence Day? Naw!

Not today!

The saying goes, when you know better, you do better. With that being said, this blog is for the ones one are ready to fuss about black people just now celebrating Juneteenth and not the Fourth of July. This has been a different kind of year, so we as black people have the right to switch our way of thinking to a way that goes with more of who we are. Independence Day was never for black people, but most don’t know the history around it. That’s mostly because we were never taught about it in schools. I surely wasn’t at my predominantly white school. But now that I’m aware, I see why black people aren’t celebrating today.

It’s our prerogative to switch it up, especially after all we’ve experienced in the past few months. Black lives have not been a priority for centuries if we’re being honest and factual. But for me, this year we took Black Lives Matter to another level. I got in my feelings about discrimination and I try not to get into deep subjects like that. But when it’s just blatantly running rampant all over the country, it needs to be addressed. Why would I celebrate something that’s not for me? Just like when we celebrate Cinco de Mayo, but it’s not about us. Sure, if you want the day off to get drunk, go for it! But this year has been more about off days and barbecue to black people.

It may seem like we’re being militant when we denounce Independence Day, but we’re standing for something. We’re becoming more informed and letting our people know about history they’ve overlooked or just really never knew about. Black history isn’t just for one month when you’re black 365 days a year. We are living out history every day. We will either make a difference in this society and bring about change from being informed or let people continue to show us we don’t matter. So don’t feel weird when people say you’re just being extra or when other races think we’re stirring the pot. Stir that sucker til change comes!

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