Wakanda Forever

I remember when the Black Panther movie came out and everyone was excited, but the black community was doing the absolute most. I saw a post that said that everyone needed to wear all black and I remember changing after church to be in uniform for the occasion. I even bought my boyfriend a Black Panther shirt for his birthday and he had to wear it to the premiere. It was amazing to see how black people stood in solidarity for a movie and in support of a strong black lead in a predominantly white industry. We chanted “Wakanda Forever” and greeted each other with the crossed arms across the chest for months. It was such a touching experience for our people.

Since Chadwick Boseman passed away, we have been reminiscing on his greatness and how he brought black people together. We got to see a person who looked like us as a king of a thriving nation and not as a thug. I began thinking about how we could truly have the Wakanda Forever mentality moving forward, and I’m not talking about a Marvel movie. I’m talking about the mentality that we as black people are kings and queens who deserve to thrive. We deserve to live in harmony and show the world we too are great.

I recently watched Black Panther and one quote stood out to me the most. Black Panther stated, “We must find a way to work together as if we were one single tribe.” That in itself is a whole sermon! With all the craziness going on in this world, one thing we need to do is work together. Yes we all have our differences, but togetherness is a must if this world is going to move forward. I feel as if we are stuck and our differences are holding a stop sign towards progress. We can’t all be the same, that would make for a boring world to live in. Remember, there’s power in numbers.

I’ve heard more than once that Chadwick Boseman is the epitome of “you never know what a person is going through.” Because of that sentiment, we should all be running to hug our loved ones (with a mask on). We should be trying to right our wrongs without hesitation. If we’re going to be proclaiming “Wakanda Forever” in the next few weeks out of respect for Chadwick, we can at least try to portray what that means. Black lives actually mattering, standing against racism, and being a light in a dark world. Each of us has the power as kings and queens to make a difference in this world, but it would be a lot easier if we did that together. Be sweet.

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