Love Verzuz Hate

Lately we’ve been putting the greatest musical geniuses up against each other. Most would say there were no actual winners because the win is in the unity of our people. The cultural experience that we have shared has been priceless. The unity of both rich and poor has been satisfying. Although these lyrical masters have allowed us to reminisce on the good times way back when, we still have an ongoing “Verzuz” every single day. Love has been put up against hate and the battle is strong. We would like to convince ourselves that love will win, but hate is putting up a good fight.

Hate is bringing back hit after hit, much of it from the past records. The songs hate have introduced are some heavy hitters. Police against a whole race, politicians against progression, and nations against nations. From the untrained eye and ear, it would seem as if hate is gaining way. But in the depths of my heart, I can feel love ready to show the masses just what it’s made of. Love is in the midst of coming through with a powerful punch that will turn this battle around.

Love has had some historical hits of its own if we would only take the time and recollect. When hate thought it was winning, peaceful protests were a staple in the civil rights era. When hate was grasping for the top, love entered into the picture through slaves teaming up to escape misery. The greatest and longest lasting love track was that of Jesus giving his life so that hate would never truly win. So it’s cool that we have this entertainment via Verzuz, as long as we all agree that love must win over hate. That’s the battle we must constantly give consideration to daily. Be sweet.

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