I Don’t Want A White Horse & Carriage

Most people who truly know me know that I love Cinderella. Yes, I’ve been rolling with that home girl for a good minute now. As a kid, I wanted to watch any movie variations of Cinderella because the ending was great. It was the typical Disney white horse and a carriage fairytale. But now that I think about it, that hefa lied to us. Where did she get a fairy godmother? I want Whitney Houston to appear from nowhere and make me a ball gown and I want to sing a duet too. Don’t get me wrong, I want the happy ending, but I want real love, not the fairytale crap. Proceeds to sing “Real Love” by Mary J.

It’s funny that I never would have believed that I would be single with no kids at the age of 34. But single and settling are not synonymous in my book. My mother once said that she knew why I was single. I was waiting for something petty a mother would say, but instead she came through with the sermon. She said I was single because I didn’t settle. Girlllll…you surely know your daughter! What would I look like to be this age and just go for anything? Nope, not I. Again, the happy ending is the goal, but in a realistic none settling way.

Having standards, boundaries, and aspirations is the key. Going outside of your “type” could help too. This is where realistic comes into play. I’m sure some people get millionaire men, who are over 6 feet, drive a black Tesla, and live in a 3-story mansion in the hills. That’s cool and all, but how does he treat you? Yes ma’am, put your superficial thinking to the side because you’re going to wish you saw past the surface of a man once you start dating them. Dig deeper to get to the real deal honey, your happiness depends on it.

So as I write my grievance letter to Disney for setting us all up for the okey doke, I have to keep some things in mind for dating. Being in my thirties doesn’t mean I’m desperate for anyone ol’ guy. It actually means that I need to be more cautious of ending up with the wrong guy after waiting so long. It’s okay to have some standards, but my line is to not put God in a box. So as I wait (slightly impatiently) on this wonderful man from God, I have to make sure I’m also ready as a woman. Remember, Ruth was WORKING when she met her Boaz.

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