My VP Looks Like Me

I wonder if parents truly believe it when they tell their children they can be anything when they grow up. I think of the black parents who patted their sons and daughters on the back when they mentioned wanting to be the future president. The parents were being kind, but all the while thinking of all of the unfortunate situations the black race has been through over years. Then a miracle happens and Barack Obama shines light on the dreams of those who shoot for the stars in the dream world. I believe that same sentiment occurred when they announced the first black woman Vice President in this country’s history. The fact that my VP looks like me truly gave me an inspirational boost.

If it’s one thing I know, it’s that no one can keep a determined person down for long. When a road block appears on your journey you have to take one of two options. You can either let it deter you from your purpose, or you can find new avenues to get to where you know you’re supposed to be. In the words of VP, this is truly an example of what believing in possibilities can do for you. This is what happens when you work for what you want with conviction despite what it looks like. Oppositions will always show up when you’re on the right path, but you have to have a determination within you that pushes through no matter what.

The biggest take away from this win is never say never. They never thought black people would survive the tribulations they went through from slavery to the civil rights movement, and now we’ve turned some heads. Our first black President showed us that we can and we will win. They never thought a woman would make it, but here we are again with the win. The only person who can stop you from getting to where you want to go is you. That means you have to do a self check and see how bad you truly want to succeed. Ask yourself what the one thing you need to do to offset your road to success. Then work for it with everything within you!

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