It’s A Win For Us All

Why is she acting like that? What gives her the right to shine? Who does she think she is? Those are things things we as Black women are going to hear from the haters. I hardly ever say the word haters, but anyone trying to stop your glow up is a flat out hater and they need to get somewhere and sit down. Matter of fact, they need to get up out of your business and mind the business that pays them. Yes, that escalated quickly and you’re probably thinking what is Monica B talking about today. Well, I’ll let you know now beautiful black women. Most of us will get a boost of confidence from the news of the first Black Vice President of The United States. With that will come the side eyes and questions that I started this blog off with very soon.

I’ve come to realize that the phrase black girls rock makes other races feel some type of way. Take notes y’all. This is in no way a phrase that is meant to diminish any other race of women, but to shine a light on our own. You see, black women have had to fight for the spotlight that they have so deserved for decades in this country. This country is used to the Rosa, the Maxine, and the Michelle. But we’ve grown up with the Big Ma, the TeTe, and all the other inspirational women who have made a difference in communities for ages. So our black girls rock mentality isn’t new, it’s a reminder that we needed so we can keep moving forward in excellence. We won’t apologize for being a positive voice to our own. Take it or leave it sweetie pie!

So the next time you feel the need to try and extinguish a black woman’s fire, be careful that you don’t get burned. We’re on fire and this is a very motivating time for us. Another black Miss USA, along with Kamala Harris…you can’t tell us nothing. So don’t try! If a person even tries, read them from cover to cover so they’ll know not to do that ever again! This is a call to black women who have felt like their brightness would never be as bright. This is for the ones who have even dimmed their own light out of fear of the brightness. Girl, it’s time for you to step into the light and show this world of many possibilities what you’re made of. [Drops mic, exits stage left]

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