When I tell you it took all that was within me to write this blog, I mean it. Lately, I have not had much motivation to write a blog. I feel like all of my energy has gone into really seeing what it is that I want to do with my life career wise. Have yo ever felt like you wanted to take a U-turn, side road, or a whole other path to something else in life? I surely have been thinking about that lately. I moved from Memphis to Los Angeles, and from Los Angeles to Atlanta. I really thought that I heard the voice of God tell me that this was the move for me. So here I am, but I am struggling to see what God wants me to do. I feel a little lost and need some direction from God on what it is that He wants me to do and not what I want to do. I have figured throughout my life that it is better to go with God’s will and not my own.

I have been in the mental health field for about 8 years now. I have worked with every population there is in this field. I have worked with homeless, Veterans, children, families, and adults. I don’t think what I am experiencing is compassion fatigue at this point. I think I want to have a career change. Not that I don’t feel like I have made an impact on lives, but I feel like there is something more for me. I feel as if a career change would do me good at this point in life. I want to consider seeing if a life in Corporate America would be better than one in nonprofits. I am definitely sure that there would be a difference in pay. I just need to see how the skills that I possess would shift in a different field.

I typed all of this to say that I am unmotivated and tired of getting paid very little due to the field that I am in. For years, I have heard people say that this is not the field you join if you want to be rich. I don’t necessarily want to be rich, but I do want a job that will sustain me. This is where this blog gets very personal and possibly takes a turn, but stay with me. I feel you may possibly agree with me. I feel like I was lied to as a child. We had so much focus on education and how it would afford for us to have better life. I got a Bachelor’s degree because that is what I felt society asked for. Then when I wanted to move up in my career, I got a Master’s degree, but I feel like all I got from that was student loan debt. It sucks to go through all of that education only to feel like a failure. Yes, I said it…a straight up failure. I know I’m not, but I’m in my feelings now.

I understand that education is a great thing, but I also see that it clearly has not helped me over the years. I’m not sure if it’s the field that I am in or the cities that I have lived in. Los Angeles paid me the most I have ever made, but it wasn’t enough to sustain me. Memphis didn’t pay me enough, and Atlanta is sucking in paying people what they are worth in mental health and social services. You would think that after a pandemic, my field would be booming, but they refuse to pay anyone their worth. I have to get out of this field ASAP! I have been seriously revamping my cover letters and resume to see how my wonderful skills can transport into something different and clearly more lucrative. I understand that life is not about money, but it is necessary to have money to live. Just keep me in your prayers. This was my venting blog. Be Sweet.

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