Kevin Samuels

Sir, have several seats!

Just when you think Kevin Samuels is done, you see some psychotic guy on one of these dating sites calling himself a “high quality man.” Now, I have no problem with men who think highly of themselves, but I do have a problem with those same men who tend to belittle women because of their status. I often wonder why black women are so hated. We are the backbone to an entire culture whether people want to admit it or not. We hold it down for our men and our children. We are moms, entrepreneurs, we create beauty trends, we don’t take no mess, and we make you want to step up your game. We carry a lot of weight as influencers and sometimes we don’t even try to do it. We are just majestic! Now that I think of it, I guess there is a reason to hate on us, but Kevin Samuels takes it to the next level.

Kevin Samuels hates women to the point where he has to degrade them to make himself seem like such a high valued man. Who hurt him? And where is his mother, grandmothers, sisters, or aunts so they can tell him to go sit down? I heard him tell a woman that she would never get a good man because she was divorced and had children from that failed marriage. I often wonder if he is in the “he-man woman hater” club from The Little Rascals! He would surely be the president because he takes the cake. He irks my soul and his followers are even worse. Any man who thinks talking down to a woman is okay and calls it being an “alpha man” is crazy at best. I can say that, I have degrees in mental health and it can be justified…or deemed narcissistic. Seek Help!

Who determines high value? I get that nowadays people put a lot of emphasis on their degrees and money, but is that it? Degrees are cool and money is necessary to survive, but what is high value in it? I thought a high valued man would be someone who treats a woman with respect, understands that a man who finds a good wife is highly favored, and treats his woman like a queen because she is his helpmate. I think I can speak for a lot of women when I say that a woman does not want to be treated like an object and surely not treated like an option because you have a few dollars in your pocket. This is a rant blog, but I am sure lots of women can agree with me. Kevin, get you a boyfriend and go sit your tail down somewhere. Where is cancel culture when you need it?!

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