Acting A Plum Fool!

I saw this picture that asked if you saw your best friend’s significant other out being “romantic” with another woman, would you tell her. Tell her? I would be at the table in 2 seconds flat asking questions. And the other second it took for me to get to the table would have been spent on taking pictures for evidence. I know some of y’all are saying things like how do you know if he’s being romantic or is that his cousin. Nah now! You know I mean they are hugged up, kissing, and whatnot. The obvious hints that they are not related and it is not a business dinner. The other half of you are thinking you wouldn’t say anything because you wonder if you would lose a friend. Maybe it’s just me, but I do think it’s all about the approach. I definitely wouldn’t be the “ohhh girl” type and I wouldn’t be the messy “go live” one either. I believe these things are fragile subjects and no one wants to hear they have been cheated on from ANYONE, friend or stranger. I will say that if a person is truly my friend, they will see that me telling them this kind of news is important for many reasons. I don’t want my friend to be looking stupid thinking her man is faithful, but he’s really a dog. I especially don’t want my friend to get a disease from her seemingly faithful guy from him messing with fleas. I would also pray that he is not the type with two families and lying to everybody about it. I always hope I am never in a situation like that, but anything is possible. I just want my friend to stand up for herself and see that she does not deserve to be treated like that. I know that a lot of women take their men back after cheating, and that is totally up to them. And I also know that some women will stand by their man because their man has more influence than a friend, What I don’t want is for my friend to think she has to put up with mess and she can’t leave if she wants more for herself. The key is wanting more and better for YOURSELF. If I lose a friend over being a good one myself, then so be it. I understand that this is a touchy subject and most would not want to be the bearer of bad news or the reason why a home is broken up. Everyone has the right to feel that way and we’re not all supposed to think and act the same way. Then some times a woman already knows, but stays for different reasons. I get it, sometimes you just can’t help who you love and you would rather deal with someone you’re familiar with than start all over. I get it way more than you think. All I can say is…TELL ME because I want to know! And you can hold this exact date against me if I dare act crazy with you.

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