Fishbowl vs. Ocean

Is it possible to have multiple passions in a lifetime? I have wanted to be so many things in my life that it’s a whirlwind at this point. I once heard a minister from my church say that it is a good thing to know when to move on. I don’t think that’s to say that it was necessarily a bad things you were doing, but sometimes you just want more. Anybody ever just want more? I think I’m at the point where I need more than mediocrity! Living beneath my potential sucks. Wanting more can be many different things: wanting a better job, wanting to move to a new city, or wanting to improve your business. Whatever the “more”, it’s okay to want to go to another level. We say we don’t want to be stagnant, but the truth is that most of us settle just to be comfortable. Getting out of your comfort zone can open up endless possibilities to success. The fish in the bowl can explore so much more when exposed to the ocean. Are you willing to risk the sharks to explore the life in the great ocean?

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