What do we have in common with Jussie Smollett?

Everyone is probably familiar with the Jussie Smollett story, but if not, let me give you a brief update. Jussie, who is an actor on the hit show Empire, was “attacked” a while back. Everyone was so upset because the said attackers put bleach on him and had a noose. We automatically assumed it was a hate crime because he is a gay black man. Long story short, it turned out his story was false after a police investigation. The internet has been having a field day with this one. Why did he lie? Why to this extreme? Why Jussie?!We’re flipping out on him for his lie, but I have a question. How is he any different from any of us? We actually have more in common with him than we think. No, it’s not that we are both black. LOL. The thing we have in common with Jussie is that we all look for validation and relevancy from other people. If you say you don’t, you may be kidding yourself. Yeah, it’s a small few who are extremely confident in themselves who really truly don’t care about validation. But for the rest of us, we seek it quite often. Now, it may not be to the extreme of lying and saying someone beat us up, but for some I wouldn’t even put it past them. We seek validation from social media, friends, parents, bosses, and even strangers. We post pictures of stuff we know good and well we don’t own. We go to work and try to stunt on our coworkers like we really got it and don’t. We go to family reunions in rented cars and know we are hurting financially from it. We do the most too y’all…me included! I’m confident enough to say I be doing the most sometimes and need to sit my tail all the way down. Now granted I don’t be lying all on social media for likes, but we go all out for some likes. If only LIKES could be money! Anyway, moving on. So the next time you think Jussie took it too far, just remember one thing: We take stuff pretty far for validation too. The only difference is he had a police investigation on his mess. We don’t be thinking that hard or care that much. We can only take your word, unless we really know you. Imagine if you had an investigation on your life! Hmmmm….BE SWEET.

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