All About Monica

For the readers who don’t know me well, here is a free pass to everything Monica. These little 20 things will give you the insight to my madness…I mean wonderful life!

1. My number one pet peeve is when people chew loudly.

2. I would love to be an opera singer one day.

3. I love Spanish and would like to be fluent again one day. (How did I lose that one?)

4. I hate talking on the phone, so just text it or voice message.

5. I want to be on the Mother Board one day. (Yeah, I’m that weird!)

6. I am a HOPEFUL romantic.

7. I loathe cats!!!

8. Music is my first love. I should have made that my major.

9. I call my exes the devil. Only a couple were actually pretty decent.

10. I am typing this at work during my down time. I am a mental health counselor. 11. I want to move to California or New York. Two extremes, I know.

12. I hate Memphis. It makes me feel blah.13. I have about 10 journals that I have had since I was a child.

14. I am a published poet with a poem entitled “Heaven.”

15. My childhood fan crush was Nelly. I once went to St. Louis to find him.

16. I love church. I’ve always loved going to church since I was a kid.

17. I am a shy yet social butterfly.

18. I love shrimp every way except fried. 19. I don’t care for cakes and pies, but I love candy.

20. I really want to write for the New York or LA Times magazine; any subject except politics.

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