Don’t Drink Poison!

Would you drink a bottle of gasoline? Heck no! Then why would you let someone toxic ruin your life? It shouldn’t matter who they are, if they are toxic to your well being and happiness, throw those deuces. This may sound crazy, but who willingly wants to be miserable? This goes for that crazy friend who always uses you and is nothing but drama. This includes that cousin who needs a favor every other week, but is ghost when you need something. This even means that coworker who asks for your help on a project, but you end up doing the entire thing and not getting any credit. Sometimes you have to say no, you may even NEED to say no to keep your sanity. Anything that disturbs my peace in 2019 and going forward is a no go! Folks will run you in the ground and wonder what happened at your funeral. And don’t let them make you feel bad for saying no. You are good for nothing if you have run yourself raged. Going forth, we need to make our happiness top priority. It sounds selfish, but you do need to be good for yourself first and foremost. If you don’t, who will? Surely not the leach of a friend or family member. Remember that saying we had for drug usage back in the day? JUST SAY NO!

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