Normal Is Blah

It’s a part of our culture to fit in and be accepted. When we were younger, everyone wanted to be the cool kids. What if I rock your world and let you know that everyone can be cool in their own way. Yes, even as an adult you don’t have to be like everyone else. We see a trend on social media and before you know it we all look like clones. We all have the same beat face, arched eyebrows, lash extensions, and Brazilian weave. Or the guys have the same box fade, Jordan’s, and Charger cars. News flash: It is okay to stand out and be different! How else would you be seen as the next “IT” thing if you are the clone of your best friend? You can rock that crazy hairstyle that no one else has worn. You can move to somewhere other than Atlanta. You can start up a business that no one else has thought of yet. DO YOU BOO! Fitting in was the cool thing to do as a teen, but now is the time to leave normal behind. If we all blog about relationships, it would be blah. If we all have the same box braids, it would look blah. If we all shop at H&M, it would be blah. If you are scared to look or act different as an adult, you clearly do not want to be seen for your creativity and be somebody successful. Oprah didn’t look the part, but here she is shining above her counterparts on television. Why not be the next WOW factor and shock the world? We need another YOU because we have enough of THEM!

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