Do You Suck As A Parent?

I will start by saying that even though I am not a parent, I believe I can still chime in on parenting skills. It’s the equivalent of not having to try crack to know it’s bad. Plus the fact the that I have worked with children and parents for the past 10 years, as well as been a foster care counselor for 3.5 years can qualify me on a higher level to put in a word on the topic. I know what good parenting looks like because I have had good parents for 33 years. I can attest to good parenting because I have seen my friends being so awesome with their children. Being a good parent doesn’t mean you never forgot to pick up little Johnnie from school or you accidentally ate little Susie’s lunch for the next day. To me, those are just things that happen and you just live another day to do some super funny stuff as an adult. Stuff happens, so don’t let your overly protective or very serious mothers tell you they haven’t made mistakes to add to your anxiety issues! The scary part is that although I’ve worked with some pretty bad parents in the foster care system, the majority of the ones I see are online and in real life. I have seen kids with the cutest outfits, hair all nice and done, name brand shoes, and are the spawns of Satan. Folks are quick to say what their child won’t do and those are the ones running wild. When folks cringe when they see a toddler coming, there is a problem. If you have problems getting a babysitter for your seed of Chuckie, you may want to keep reading. When was the last time you asked your child about their day at school and actually listened to the response? When was the last time you put down the phone and helped them with a school project? In my Bernie Mac voice, these folks ain’t doing a thing with these kids! It’s not cool that you let your child be in grown folks’ business. It’s sad that you laugh when your child curses you out. Then you wonder why your child wants to buck up at you when they become teenagers. You let them get away with too much and defend them in their wrongdoings. Start caring about your children who are our next doctor, teachers, and future leaders. Start using that child support money on the child and not to get your nails done. Start affirming your children’s dreams and talking to them right. To the parents who are already doing these things, you’re the REAL MVP!

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