Hair Nappy, But I’m Happy!

Weave, perm, natural…pick your poison. No matter how you wear your hair, upkeep is needed. You ask if you need a sew in or quick weave. Do you want to rock short, long, color, layers? We obsess over the style no matter what. It just seems to me that rocking natural is a whole other ballpark, so be informed that this is my own personal rant session. Sorry, not sorry! When a woman decides to do the big chop, folks get all ridiculous with the questions. And most of the time it isn’t positive. What made you do that? Your hair was fine the other way! Folks get all in an uproar over YOUR hair. It takes guts to go natural or do the big chop after years of chemical damage. I get that folks have opinions on everything nowadays, but at the end of the day it is MY hair. It just sucks that folks are so judgmental on an issue that doesn’t concern them one bit. I almost want to yell out if they have the money for me to get a protective style every two weeks. Give us credit for going against the grain and wanting healthier hair. I even read an article about a woman who got fired because of her natural hair. She decided to go the natural route because she did not want to breast feed and have those chemicals in her body. Absolutely Crazy! So in conclusion, before you give a sister a hard time, ask yourself who even asked you. BE SWEET for goodness sake. I don’t harass you for your receding hair line, crooked wig, or any other hairstyle that does not fit you. I shut my mouth and keep it moving!

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