Happy Meal vs. Steak Dinner

When you look at my title, you probably thought that the choice was a no brainer. I mean, who would choose a happy meal over a 5 star meal? I’m sure there are a few people who would, but it’s not a big percentage. I would take Ruth’s Chris, Fleming’s, and Texas de Brazil over ANY fast food restaurant. The ugly truth is, we actually choose happy meals every day thinking the steak dinner is out of range.
I bet you’re wondering why I would say such a thing. Well, we choose to live beneath our potential all the time. That’s the same as purposely choosing a heart attack fast food meal over a scrumptious one. We have dreams and when obstacles come we back down and allow the dream to die. I’m sure a lot of us started off with a dream beating in our hearts, but along the way it faded away. Dreams of being a nurse, restaurant owner, beautician, singer, or lawyer have all died…but, CLEAR!!!
Yep, time to resuscitate the dreams because the death of them has you out here choosing happy meals! You deserve filet mignon, duck confit, rack of lamb, and other five star treats. You have to know that you deserve better first and foremost. It’s okay to think you deserve the best things on life. People try to make it seem as if you wanting better makes you seem as if you think you’re better than them. No, you just don’t want mediocrity and that’s perfectly fine. Now is the time to revive that dream you put on the back burner because your life needs it. Living beneath your potential is dangerous and can cause a lot of mental strain. I read somewhere that our dreams are not for us, but for others. So, not following them means we are being selfish. Ask yourself today, who needs my dream?

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