The Dream Giver

I feel like a teenager completing a book report in high school, but I just can’t let this message only help me. I have to give you a brief synopsis of the book that has inspired me these last few days, The Dream Giver. I knew it would bless my whole soul when the back cover had me crying! I cried tears of sadness and joy throughout the book because I didn’t think someone could capture how I felt so vividly, and yet still encourage me to want to follow my dreams even more. The book is a must read in my opinion, especially since I always start off reading books and never finish. I finished with a praise on my heart and ready to RUN towards my Big Dream.
The book starts off with a parable about a man named Ordinary who wakes up after having a mind blowing revelation of a dream to do big things. He stays in a place called Familiar, but understands that he must leave Familiar to accomplish the Dream. As he makes the choice to venture off into the Land of Promise, he comes across the following obstacles:- Getting the strength to leave his comfort zone.- Bullies who tried to talk him out of leaving, including friends and family members.- Entering into a desert moment of nothingness and seemingly no help. – Reaching a place after the desert that gives him life. – Having to fight for the dream with people who don’t want him to succeed just because. – Finally thriving in the Land of Promise.
This book has truly opened my eyes to what God wants for me. He gives all of us a Dream and purpose, but it’s up to us to move towards that goal. That doesn’t mean we will be doing that alone, but God wants to know if we are willing to fight for what we want. Then after we have gone through the tests and trials, are we willing to give our Dreams to the Dream Giver? God is the Dream Giver and giving our Dreams to Him is how they will grow bigger and fulfill true purpose. The book also make a very profound cause for pursuing Dreams, and it is one that I have to bring to your attention. Not fulfilling our dream means that something very important won’t get done. Are you willing to not have that happen just because you won’t take courage and go for it?

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