Falling In Love With Potential

Love is a complicated thing, or so they say. I do believe that we make things more complicated than they ought to be, but for the time being we’ll just say it’s complicated. Love takes two selfless people who can communicate properly and learn to compromise. The first part of that is the point of not being selfish. As humans, we are geared to look out for number one, ourselves. It’s part of the reason the world is the way it is now, so having to put that aside for the sake of love can sometimes be difficult. Then when you add the idea of potential and what you’d like to see out of a partner, you get even deeper into confusion. But the good part is that we can save ourselves a lot of trouble if we stop falling head over heels with potential.

There are some smooth talkers out there in that sea that supposedly has plenty of fish. The smooth talkers are more like sharks though, looking to see who they can devour. I can tell someone right now that I am in the “process” of all kinds of things, and if I’m convincing enough they will just go with it. We like to think that others are motivated to do better, but that’s not always the case. Some people aren’t as ready to live up to the words they make others believe to be true. That’s why we should trust actions and not words. I have fallen for that trick a few times and eventually had to put my foot down to stop the disappointment.

Another thing that makes potential so believable is when the person doing the talking actually believes their potential, but has no real plan of reaching it. Have you ever met a person who has lied so many times that they begin to believe that lie is really true? It’s the same for the person who truly believes their potential is going to come to fruition without doing any work. I can tell you all day that I’m going to be a doctor, but I have to at least step foot in the college to take the classes. Only action can lead to results.

Potential is pretty because it’s just like a dream. You can dream anything, but will it ever become reality? You never know. Even for a person who is actually trying, they may never reach the potential set before them. You have to date the person in the present moment and see if their words and actions match up so you won’t set yourself up for failure in the dating world. I can attest to that. We just want the best and sometimes that person is unable to give us such. That’s not to say that people can’t and won’t change, it’s to say that the future is too unpredictable to base your relationship upon. We have to try our best to live in the now when it comes to matters of the heart.

3 thoughts on “Falling In Love With Potential

  1. Oh my goodness, I really enjoyed this! These are very true words, with insight and meaning. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, this is helpful for those willing to adhere. Love you girl ♥️😎

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