You want what you want when you want it. We all do, but what happens when life pulls, no DRAGS you in a whole different direction? Well I can say I cry, kick, and scream like a toddler. Yeah, not cool for a 33 year old counselor who promotes that others regulate their emotions on a daily basis. Oh well, I’m human! But every now and then we have to be rerouted while on this journey called life. Imagine taking an actual road trip and having to take an alternate route, but instead you continue on as if the sign wasn’t there. Down the sinkhole you go…all because you didn’t take heed to the signs presented to you for your safety. It’s literally the same thing with life, you have to adhere to the signs.

To avoid the sinkholes of life, we have to be smart enough to understand that warnings are in place for a reason. We are just so in a hurry to get to our final destinations that we get frustrated when we have to go off course. But being off course can mean that you’re actually on the right course. We don’t see it that way at first because we whine after planning and preparing to do things our way. No one likes to have planned in vain, but sometimes that’s how the cookie crumbles if you want things to work out. Sounds very cliche, but you literally have to trust the process. If not, you will be in a world of pain all because you just had to do things your way.

I recently had a road block that led to me having to take an alternate route. After acting like a complete child, I started to see it as a stepping stone. Stepping stones are meant to get you from one place to another, but you have to use it to be successful in getting to the next level. I mean, you can’t become a lawyer without passing the law exams. There’s levels to this stuff! Once we settle down and realize that, I do believe we will be at ease. So in conclusion, you have to ask yourself this question: Do you want to ignore the rerouting sign and end up driving off a cliff, or just trust that alternate route will get you where you need to go safely? Be Sweet.

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