Enough is Enough

We pride ourselves on being strong willed, strong minded, and strong hearted. In the world we live in, the weak will be torn to pieces. You definitely can’t be faint of heart nowadays because it will get used against you in every way. Playing the tough card always seems to win the game. We can put up with this and that, so we almost welcome adversity into our lives. But what happens when you’ve played the tough cookie for so long that you don’t put people in their place because of what you can stand or put up with?

It’s wonderful to have a high tolerance for mess, until you start taking crap from people who could easily be put in their place. We tend to have the mindset that because we can take all kind of stuff that we should. No! Stop letting people talk to you any kind of way and doing whatever they please at your expense. It actually makes you look foolish. Be the tough guy/girl to where you don’t allow yourself to be in those situations.

Our society has given us the notion that any rebuttal is hating. Or any pushback from someone is looked upon as discrimination. In essence, it’s standing up for yourself. We’ve gotten far away from the thought that we can have an opinion that’s different from others. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we’re not clones and shouldn’t be forced to act as such. Stop allowing people to push their agendas on you and forcing you to go with whatever they feel is good. We are individuals and we can have a difference of opinion. Enough is enough!

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