She’s Not Spoiled, You Just Can’t Handle What She Needs

I have often been told that I’m a spoiled brat, but if truth be told, I was just raised right. I had parents who wanted their children to have the best, they loved me unconditionally, and they instilled in me the things I should want out of life. One of those things was to be treated right by a man. I had plenty of examples of how I should be treated daily from not only my daddy, but from my granddaddy and my uncles. I may let a few things slide, but I will always remember that I deserve to be treated like a Queen by a King of a man. Disclaimer: This blog is not to male bash, it’s to let ANY man dating a woman know that she deserves a man who is willing AND able to treat her as she desires. And men deserve to be treated correctly as well, but we’ll touch on that soon.

Men may not believe this, but women know what they want. And if they don’t, they know what they don’t want. We just want to be stable in a relationship, especially if we’re doing a good job of holding things down individually. If you can’t handle that same task individually, jumping into a relationship just because you think she’s beautiful will end up being a losing situation. The thing about being in a relationship is you have to be honest with yourself as a MAN. If you see that her needs and wants are more than what you can handle, don’t call her spoiled. Call her smart because she won’t settle for less and neither should you want her to. You wouldn’t want your daughter to just be with some guy who doesn’t satisfy her emotionally. That’s very draining, trust me, I know.

You’ve heard time and time again, but you have to ask yourself would you be okay with a man treating your daughter, mother, sister, or aunt the way you treat your woman? If the answer is no, then don’t expect your woman to be pleased with your actions. And definitely refrain from saying she’s spoiled, difficult, or too much to deal with. Sometimes we just have differences and not everyone will be compatible. The person who is for you will not feel as if their mates needs are too much. They will actually rise to the cause so that they can do what they can to please their significant other. The sooner we realize that love is work, the sooner we’ll see who we’re willing to work for. Be Sweet.

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