I’m Having A Baby!

The time has come for me to be an aunt again. I bet I scared the Absolute Ridiculousness out of all of my friends and family with this title. Well unless Jesus is coming back via immaculate conception again, that’s definitely not happening any time soon. You can take a sigh of relief now. My sister will be having her baby any day now and I’m excited. Maybe my mother won’t hog this child and I’ll be able to have a little Monica without actually having a baby. Can you imagine 2 Monica’s? Scary!

Growing up, we all had our plans to be this and that and we had specific time frames to accomplish these things. Unfortunately, life didn’t work that way for most of us and that’s okay. I expected that I would have had children by now, but a part of me is thankful that I didn’t. Don’t get me wrong, I want rugrats one day, but my life has been so free without them. I do believe that aunts get the best of both worlds. We get to see the cutie pies and hang out with them, but the most important part is that those cutie pies have to eventually go back to the respective owners. Such an amazing plan.

I believe that when I do become a parent one of these decades, I will have had so much practice. I mean, I have kept everyone’s child at one point or another. I try to keep up with the kiddie shows and things kids like. I have worked with children for over 7 years and I see how they act when they aren’t around their parents. I have potty trained children, feed them, changed them, disciplined them, and advocated for them. I think I have been set up to be the best mother ever. So I am not discouraged because I don’t have children at the age of 33, I’m happy that I had time to explore life a bit more freely. Until that glorious day, I will stay in aunt status. Oh yeah, keep my sister in your prayers as she delivers a HEALTHY baby girl soon. Be Sweet.

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