Myrtle Beach: Family Reunion

I’m all about vacations and taking breaks. Most people think all work and no play is cool, but I on the other hand think that’s foolish. We work hard so we can enjoy things in life. A lot of people forget to just live a little. Recently someone suggested that I do a travel blog of my family reunion vacation with my dad’s side of the family, the Malone family. Because I want to be versatile in what I write about, I said why not. I’m going to break this down by days and show you why I gave Myrtle Beach, South Carolina a passing score for fun.

Day 1: Usually I’m all ready for vacations and whatnot, but I’m a true procrastinator. While my immediate family took a plane with a short ride of maybe 2 hours, my late self had to take the family charter bus. Even though it was cheaper, I had no clue it would take a Million hours. When I drive, I don’t like to stop for anything but gas. On a charter bus, they stopped 3 times. Now I’m glad I was able to spend that time with my Granddaddy because he hasn’t been out of town since my Grandma passed away. Once we finally arrived, we greeted the family and settled in to our condos. I will say Hilton beachfront resort (Kingston Resorts) was breathtaking and absolutely amazing. Luckily we were down the street from Walmart and we stocked up on snacks.

Day 2: We’ve been having family reunions all over the country for years now. Last year, my parents were the hosts, but this year they got to just sit back and enjoy. After cooking breakfast, we headed to the Broadway on the Beach, which was 20 minutes from our resort. We had so many things to do, such as a scavenger hunt, rides, restaurants, and zip lining. Afterwards, we went to a local restaurant and chilled as a family. Later that night, we all got together and had light refreshments and karaoke. It was hilarious to see the kids and adults sing popular songs…off key. We laughed the night away with laughs, songs, and miniature golf. My immediate family watched King Kong and called it a night.

Day 3: After breakfast, we headed to the beach for a family day in the sun. We stayed out on the beach for about 4 hours. We played in the ocean and the sun beamed on our skin until we were tanned pretty good. It was funny to see about 100 family members lined up in the sun eating lunch together. We had sand Pictionary, beach races, and relaxing on beach chairs. I was so happy to see my good friend show up to spend some time with me on the beach. After a Long Beach day and a quick nap, we headed to the famous boardwalk for more excitement. Ice cream, arcade games, and a huge candy store were true highlights of the day.

Day 4: While half the family went to church, the rest of us heathens went to Stack House for breakfast. I sat by my favorite great aunt and we discussed the importance of living and seeing what’s out there in the world. After the connecting, we got all dolled up for our sear sucker and sundress banquet. We talked about family history, gave out prizes, prayed, and decided that the next family reunion would be held in Ohio. I’m not the biggest fan of the pick, but that’s neither here nor there. I’ll probably still go and see what it has to offer. I took a quick 30 minute nap and was back at it with my nephew and cousins to the pool and back on the beach, which is where I am typing this as I lounge on a beach towel in the cool sand with a nice cocktail.

In conclusion, the trip was definitely worth a 5 day vacation. I got to enjoy my family, laugh a ton, and see a new city. The best part was the ocean scenery. I can’t wait until I’m living somewhere where the ocean is extremely close. It’s very soothing and it makes me feel happy. It also makes you think about life. I do hope that my next trip here will be more geared towards single adult fun though. Day 5 will be spent on the bus for HOURS, but at least I get to chill out and not work. Prayerfully this week will be nothing short of amazing and I’ll keep these memories for a lifetime. Thanks Malone Family!

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