Mama’s Boy…Gone Too Far

It’s so nice to see my nephew be sweet to my sister at the tend age of 6. He’s always complimenting her and holding the door open for her, and he doesn’t do it so he can get something in return. If only they stayed that way! I will say that a boy who loves his mother is quite different from a mama’s boy. Example: A boy who can’t make a move without asking his mother for the next steps is concerning. A boy (even if he’s over 18) who allows his mother to dictate his life is very disturbing. I feel that it is very crippling for the man and sad for the mother of a grown man because the cord won’t be cut. A loving relationship between a mother and son is necessary and helpful as a boy transitions into a man, but sometimes it can go left.

Men often times treat women right simply because their mother instilled that in them. Then you have some who act like they never knew their mothers due to how they mistreat women. Sometimes it’s hit or miss. But this topic is definitely about the mother’s who won’t stop breastfeeding, metaphorically. I’m sure a lot of women are reading this, so my advice to you is to not let this be your son or he will be ridiculed. Just think of the men you dated and how you talked bad about him being a mama’s boy to your girlfriends over a bottle of wine. I once dated a man whose mother made him into a slave because he lived with her. It’s like she purposely didn’t want him to be happy because she did little slick things, like demand he come home to help her with everything even if she knew he was with me.

It’s a bad deal when your mother is running (or even ruining) your life, especially for a man. Then as a girlfriend to that kind of man, you make jokes trying to give hints on how weird it is, but sometimes they don’t get the hint. Then heaven forbid the girlfriend gets upset over the issue, because then it leads to you telling him he’s not standing up for himself and there’s an argument. Again, it’s great for a man to love his mother, but it’s awful when mothers take that as a sign to make them their slaves. Women hate to hear this, but YOUR SON IS NOT YOUR MAN! Mothers, don’t let this be you and wonder why your son can’t keep a woman. Sons, don’t let this be you and wonder why your dating life sucks.

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