Boy Bye!

The saying goes, you don’t miss your water until your well runs dry. Well, you will probably continue to be parched messing with me. I think it’s funny that you can have a whole relationship with someone and they never try to really work on things, but as soon as you break up, they want to check up on you. Why? I do not have to be friends with my ex! If the ex would have been friends with me DURING the relationship, you wouldn’t have to be doing 2 week checkups. I know a lot of people are friends with their exes and some even go as far as to say that it’s immature to not be able to be friends with them. But I beg to differ, why would I want to be in contact or friends with someone who mistreated me or didn’t value me enough to do right by me? Weird! Better yet, unhealthy.

I think people forget that doing what’s best for them is better than putting on a show. If my ex wasn’t for me, why do I have to still be in contact with them? If my ex was disrespectful, why would I subject myself to his presence or calls? I think that some exes use the being friends afterwards as a way to keep tabs on you or see how fast you’re moving on. No, we’re not all miserable since we’re not with you. Most of us THRIVE once we’re not in the relationship. Some even use it to try and get back with their exes and never change the things that messed up the relationship in the first place. Familiarity is not always the best thing for everyone, especially in the form of a hurtful ex. Don’t check up on me, don’t ask my friends about me, don’t stalk me in person or online, and don’t try to make me feel bad for distancing myself from negativity. How am I doing you ask? So much better now that I’m free from your mess! I have enough friends! I wish you well though. Be Sweet.

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