Nicole Murphy, You Are Wrong

If you want to know what’s going on in celebrity news, scroll down your social media timeline. I can pretty much get all of my content for writing on there. There’s literally something juicy that happens every day. The newest scandal is that of model Nicole Murphy, Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife. So many things went wrong in this one situation that I barely know where to start. In previous blogs and celebrity mishaps, you kind of had to fill in the blanks, but this was all out in the open…WITH PICTURES! This is text book of when you know you’re fine and think you can do anything, but it backfires. Ol’ girl really messed up and the media was right there to capture it. Stoooopid!

I suppose I’ll start with her and why she decided to be a home wrecker. You knew this man was married, yet you took your tail up to him and kissed him or you let him kiss you. That’s what started this, but defending your actions and saying he’s like family is sick. I don’t know ANY family member that I would kiss like this. Then you had the gall to say that you’ve been married before and would never “intentionally undermine another woman.” What does she suppose kissing a married man is, an okay thing? She definitely deserves all of the drama she brought on herself. LisaRaye McCoy is even coming forward with allegations and possibly proof that Nicole messed around with her husband as well. Girl, sit down somewhere!

The next subject I will touch on in regards to Nicole Murphy’s promiscuity, is how people have been condoning Antoine Fuqua’s behavior. There has been a lot of talk on how his wife Lela Rochon has let herself go, allowing her looks to be not as appealing as when they met. Because of this, mainly men have stated that it’s her fault that he cheated. What kind of society is this?! A cruel one, but I digress. Even though she doesn’t look like she did before, was that really a reason to cheat? People don’t always stay the same, and if he didn’t like her looks, he could have just left her. Was cheating publicly the answer? Cheating is never the answer in my opinion.

Things like this really let us see just how feeble minded our society can be. It shines a light on how we regard looks over a lot of things. Like was she a good wife, marriage vows, embarrassment, and many other things. For anyone to suggest his actions are okay because his wife is overweight, it makes me cringe. What are we teaching our kids? Obviously that looks mean Everything! I guess the lesson we take from this is look exactly how you did in the beginning of your marriage and you’ll be free from extramarital affairs. Sad!

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