Hot Girl Summer

Summer, summer summertime. Let’s just sit back and unwind. Those were the words to Will Smith’s song from years ago. Back in the day, we used to think summer was a time to chill out, have backyard barbecues, pool parties, and vacation. The vibe for summer when I was growing up was laid back and having clean fun with family and friends. The family took a vacation most summers to places that were popular and we just allowed ourselves to relax and our minds were at ease. Over time, the generations change things, but not always for the good. The mindset of my generation and the ones after the millennials is something on a different level. Summer means something totally different it seems.

Rap music has been influencing people for a while now, but the rap today paints a picture that we have to be wild to have fun. Take for instance the City Girls and Megan Thee Stallion, who are pretty decent female rappers. Their music is very catchy and I can admit that I will move to their beats, but most time I try not to listen to the words. It’s like the words turn me all the way off because it’s very different from how I live my life. Now, I’m not the overly religious or an old lady who is condemning anybody, but the words to these songs are even more raunchy than back in the day. This has lead ladies to this hot girl summer theme.

When I think of a hot girl summer, I immediately think of a fast tail promiscuous girl. The term hot girl over the years has not meant anything good, and frankly it still doesn’t. Playing men, taking their money, and sleeping with several guys will have you HOT for sure. I wish we would get back to some of the old ways or at least clean it up a little. Like maybe instead of having sex all summer with randoms and partying every weekend, we can hang out more with friends or family. We could have girls trips, sleepovers at hotels, pool parties, brunch it up, accountability partners, book club meetings, vision board parties, family reunions, or wine tastings. We still have time to level up for the end of summer and have a good time with the ones we love. Don’t let your hot girl summer lead to a cold winter. Be Sweet.

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